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Adega GmbH
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What we stay for

Understanding the online path to purchase
Turning mobile into money – key challenges and best practices
Social as a gateway to stronger customer connections – the social path to purchase
eCommerce fulfilment and returns – how to efficiently handle the logistics of the demanding customer?
New data models for next generation consumer behaviour
What can you handle in-house and what would be wiser to outsource?
Driving an effective cross-border strategy
Is online the best way to expand internationally?
Real time engagement – what are the rewards and pitfalls of an always on audience?
Digital marketing – what are the key building blocks you need to put in place to interact with the digital consumer
VOC – getting the most value from your feedback program
Innovating analytics – how to gain a competitive advantage in a customer driven world
Leveraging customer data in an MC world
Helping consumers to shop where they socialise and socialise where they shop – how can social media be used best as an influence?
Meeting the mobile customer – mobile is about much more than just transactions and conversions
Personalisation vs customisation
Utilisation of mobile payment networks
Driving the gap between digital and physical
‘Omni-channel’ opportunities to be customer-led not retail-led and new ways to do business in the ‘always on’ digital era

Harnessing digital capabilities on the shop floor
Expanding the use of mobile in-store?
New store formats and how to respond to customer trends
Combating show-rooming – How does the ROPO-effect effect you?
Clienteling and personalisation – Delivering one-on-one experiences using customer data
Driving footfall and conversion rates
Which innovations in click-and-collect will we see over the next two years and what can retailers do to prepare?
Driving sales through cost effective in-store engagement techniques
Appreciating the benefits the bricks and mortar experience has over eCommerce
Creating the endless aisle
Utilising mobile channels to drive in-store traffic
Mobile point of sale / unified transaction platforms – what is the next step for mobile in the physical store?
Giving the customer options of how to shop in-store
Employee engagement – what types of employee, with which set of skills will you need to ensure they know the customer?
Monetising in-store technology and defining ‘best in class’
The in-store entertainment factor
The rise of concept stores
Dynamic in-store pricing
RFID innovations in-store
Social feedback factoring into in-store purchases
Delivering international consistency with a local flavour
Breaking down internal silos – keeping in touch and staying aligned with rest of the business

Delivering international success – overcoming logistical challenges
The challenge of managing multiple distribution channels
Enabling omni-channel retailing – going the final mile
Creating agility and flexible capacities for all channels
Tackling the increased complexity of inventory management
How to meet the pace and multi-channel demands of consumers
Creating a smarter, more efficient supply chain to free up working capital
Turning the shop into the fulfilment centre
Having a clear operating model – where, how and with whom to play
RFID technology for precise stock information
Using RFID to deliver an omni-channel stock accuracy strategy
Building a returns strategy that creates loyalty and customer satisfaction
Becoming smarter in buying, merchandising and supplying in order to reduce mark downs
Improving inventory management with forecasting accuracy in an omni-channel world
Everywhere and anytime data to allow for real time stock information
Placing the customer at the centre of the supply chain to create a continuous and agile supply chain evolution
Logistics and warehouse innovation
Supply chain talent management – especially in the omni-channel era